Sunday, 27 September 2009

Peter Pan's Birthday Party

Deep Joy! Saturday means that I don't have to get up at 0500. Helped Rolf with the breakfasts at the B&B, Candice was up early doing her homework and Tilly snoozed till 1000! Bless her, she must have needed it with the hectic events of last week. Following a leisurely family breakfast us girls set off to the Peter Pan Nursery for Special Needs (based in Newcastle under Lyme) 40ieth Birthday Party. This amazing Nursery was set up by three mothers with children with disabilities and they took it in turns to mind the children while one of them had a couple of hours to themselves. This concept grew into the most wonderful setting supporting families such as ours from birth. I treasure my memories of Peter Pan and will be forever grateful for their nurturing warmth and care they showed us all at the point of Tilly's diagnosis when she was just over one year's old. Rolf and I were shell-shocked at the news, unsure of how to navigate our way through this new dimension of special needs, and Peter Pan played a vital role in guiding us on our way. I wrote a piece of writing that described what they meant to us that they used on their literature - I wonder if they still refer to it?Clearly we are not the only family touched by this magical nursery as the party was filled with families like ours, all paying homage to 40 years of outstanding work. It was really special for me to be with the staff again, I felt very emotional as I remembered how they held me and my little girls in their arms to support and reassure us and now here we were nearly nine years on smiling and confident, happy in the world that they introduced us to.I met up with old friends, made some new ones and noticed how the cycle continues with new babies and their families just starting out on their journeys. I recommended to a young family to approach Treetops and Horton Lodge School for Parents as they also had a huge impact on our family. I feel so blessed that these people were there for us, I am not sure that other counties are so lucky and we wouldn't have managed without them.After the bash we spun up to Hanley and Tilly picked out an outfit from "Primarni" in preparation for her visit to Downing Street on 7th October. We came home to a pile of freshly ironed laundry, and the delicious aromas of Fajitas! I just love that boy! We spent a heavenly evening having tea like a proper family for once and watching Strictly and X Factor. Life gets better and better!

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