Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Had a unwelcome break on Mothering Sunday when I rolled my ankle ushering Tilly into her piano lesson. It seems I have cracked my fibula and damaged the tendons, and I am now sporting a bright pink cast to my knee. I spent the first couple of days on crutches unable to bear any weight, which did make life very difficult, but today I am able to hobble about without crutches which is so much easier.

The student social worker manning the 'Quick Response' Desk was amazing. I explained our new situation and he quickly set up temporary extra care to keep Tilly on her very busy schedule. Wonderful!

Candice has also been so beautiful and helpful - so Candice!

Rolf has dusted off his tutu and trunks and has valiantly taken up the challenge of supporting Tilly's extra activities - Rolf's not one to make a drama out of a crisis and keeps telling everyone that my fall was an attention-seeking ploy to get out of the school run! Bless Him - his 'Eric Morecambe' sense of humour and hysterical impressions really do keep me sane.

Mothering Sunday, however, was lovely, with a beatuiful Church Service, hand-made cards and gifts from the girls, and a cosy family day topped off with one of Daddie's scrumptious roast dinners. We all piled on the couch to watch 'Dancing on Wheels' and 'Dancing on Ice'. Heaven! Motherhood is such a privilege.

Great excitement on Monday night when Tilly tried out an exercise machine that will pedal her legs and rotate her arms whilst she remains in the comfort of her own chair. Sarah, Tilly's Physio, came along to check it out and we were all multo-impressed at what we saw. I would just love to see Tilly engaging in such activity at home and at school and I am convinced that the results would be positive on so many levels, just sorry it's taken me this long to find one! Isn't always the case -apparently chldren as young as three can use them. Can't believe that the Pepsi vote has gone from 8th to 3rd position - thank you all for voting every day and please keep it up as who knows what might happen.

I keep feeling waves of 'tingle' wasing over me, a sort of 'it's nearly Christmas' feeling that you get when you're a child and I wonder why for a few seconds and then I remember Louis Parsons' project and the Caudwell Children's Ball. I think the grown-up word is anticipation of something wonderful that's going happen........

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