Thursday, 29 April 2010

On A Roll

So much to tell you, feel like I'm at the centre of a whirlwind of wonderful, positive activity. The weekend was jam-packed with the anticipated rowing, sailing, shopping and trip with the Guides to Drayton Manor. One of the many high points was that Tilly came out sailing with me and felt really excited about it, even though we encountered some 'exciting' winds that left us both squealing!

Tilly had yet another brilliant session with Ruth, the Psychologist, and became quite engrossed in watching a DVD about someone giving blood! We've been reading the relaxation stories at bedtime which are fabulous, if only I could stay awake long enough to finish them. Tilly is snoozing away long before the end!

Tuesday was ace. I had a wonderful day at the Caudwell Children's office immersed in the hub-bub and preparation for the Ball! It is a great focus with Tilly's surgery imminent.

Tilly excelled herself at Horton Lodge and with the support of an ingenious 'Sarah-sytle' (Tilly's physio) Tilly actually swam independently on her tummy. Her smile was radiant, and even though she was unable to talk because the float was on her throat, her eyes shone like beacons.

Feeling so elated and riding on a crest of confidence, we joined in the training with Rudyard Sailability and Tilly decided that this was the time to get back behind the tiller! On a fabulous evening, with perfect sailing conditions, Tilly took the helm and set a course for her sailing adventures for this season. A great challenge after a long winter wondering if she was really equal to it. Tilly whooped and cheered with all turns and took some persuading to leave the water as the light was beginning to fade and Daddie had a home-cooked Shepherd's Pie lovingly prepared and waiting at home.

The joys of the week did a great job keeping Tilly bubbling over, but it was difficult for her to keep smiling yesterday as she went into hospital for the dreaded blood tests and pre-operative assessment. Lucy, a glorious Nurse from the community team met us in the ward and we all did our best to distract Tilly from the inevitable. Amazingly, and miraculously, it was decided that blood tests were not essential on this occasion and all needlework could be done 'on the table'! Tilly almost managed a back-flip in her powerchair! We met Tilly's Anaesthetist, who was wonderful and filled us with overflowing confidence.

Tilly's surgeon came next and he was equally awe-inspiring and left us both actually looking forward to getting the job done! Tilly thought that the fact she would have a huge scar over her knee was 'cool' - a bit like Harry Potters!

We actually danced out of the hospital and had a great evening packing the bags for admission, for Candice's camp at the weekend and going to Guides.

A special bonus was that Sue came for a night sit and I've slept very well and am now about to go and get Tilly up and ready for the 'off'! Naturally, I'm very apprehensive, but I think we're up for it!

Some heavenly inspiration arrived via the ether - I've seen Louis Parson's picture of Tilly's soulscape. It is breathtaking beautiful and filled with astonishing energy that I will draw from and take with us.

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