Friday, 6 November 2009

Doing the Right Thing

The second part of this week was relatively easy with the Wednesday evening's Brownies/Guides drop/off, pick/up being pretty painless because I'd been spared any Governor's Meetings or Parish Council Meetings.

Thursday morning Rolf had to go to school and make sure that Tilly's chair could fit into the taxi that would be sent for her to attend swimming with her class. It did fit with a little see-sawing and a gentle push! The school have gone out of their way to ensure that Tilly is fully included, and seem to have been let down every week by the taxi, and so far I have had to do the transport. I certainly don't mind this, but the School are determined to make a plan that will suit all included children, even those whose parents are unable to do the driving. Bravo! Equality in action. Fingers crossed for next week.

I spent the day on "U" bends and on the phone with Rudyard Sailability's Planning Consultant. The two activities are most compatible as I then have time to digest the 'food for thought' delivered by our Expert. Our Charity's campaign has stepped up a gear as the deadline to pull down our boat store gets closer and the necessary lease seems to get further away. We only have until February to find a solution, or pray for the local Council to grant an extension. A good opportunity for them to be seen to be doing the right thing? I'm crossing my fingers again!

Candice's Thursdays are crazy with an after-school sports club, picked up by Daddy with a hot packed tea in the waiting room, whilst doing her maths homework and then
a ballet and tap lesson with our wonderful Miss Jeanette. Needless to say, we postponed 'bonfire night' until the week-end. Tilly came home and spent a lovely relaxing evening with Ellen.

I was blessed with a visit from Michele, the Girls' Godmother. We bacame friends a very long time ago when I moved in with Michele when I was at college in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham. Michele and her husband Mike moved to Staffordshire from Middlesex four years ago to help out with the girls and often step into the breach when we are struggling for inspiration or a spare hand. They're true friends! Last night Michele came bearing terrific tombola items for the first of Festive Fayres that we are down to support over the coming weeks. Our cupboards are just about cleaned out of such goodies, but the girls are both tombola-aholics so once we get going we'll pick up stock for the next one!

I held off unconsciousness long enough to enjoy pizza on the couch, and faded away with that ghastly Hotel Inspector snarling at her quaking prey. We've had lots of fun here at our B&B with the various visits of the dreaded Hotel Inspector, and have actually made that Basil Fawtly mistake of believing that one of our guest was HIM! We roared with laughter when this 'extremely well looked after' gentelman was all but carried to his car, and Rolf spent the whole day saying, "Spoons, eh?" Apart from Rolf's ironing and cooking, his hilarious impressions are one of the many reasons I keep him on!

Friday morning was welcomed as always. We got through the morning routines and Rolf took the girls to school while I caught up on the house. Like most people I love to live in a clean house, but can't seem to find the time to spend on it, and I always seem to have something more important to do. However, today I had to do the right thing and remove the cobwebs and dust that looked like they been especially created for Halloween! Come the revolution - come the cleaner!

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