Monday, 7 December 2009

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas has been creeping up, but it really seemed to arrive at the Griffiths’ household this week-end with the installation of the Christmas tree. Rolf and the girls ceremoniously went off the select the ‘prize-winning’ specimen whilst I took care of the ‘U’ bends at the B&B.

The tree was courteously parked outside in its rather unglamorous net whilst we went off to the Community Nursing Team’s Christmas Party. A mixture of Santa, sausage rolls and good company was all we needed to feel that Christmas was upon us. It’s always good to chat with other parents and carers in ‘the same boat’ as there is always something to learn.

We bid a hasty retreat from this party to join the swimming club party to enjoy more sausage rolls and good company. The season is definitely upon us!

Home again we caught up on ‘Strictly’ and, in spite of an excess of festive foods, delighted in Daddy’s fajitas. Not only can Daddy sort out the ‘fairy lights and garlands’, but he can cook!

Sunday saw us up very early trying to tame Candice’s waist length hair into a tight competition bun ready for her tap exam. Tilly stayed home with Daddy to help with the B&B’s breakfast and I scooted down to the dance studio with Candice. All seemed to go well, and it felt good to be with Candice at such a time.

We raced back to collect Tilly, but sadly not in time to join Treetops’ Santa’s on the Run race. Tilly was rather disappointed as she was hoping to win! May be next year! The weather was perfect and I can't wait to hear how they did.

The afternoon was spent decorating the house and the Christmas tree against a backdrop of carols and small Sherries! We love Christmas, and so do the girls!

Sunday night drew a festive week-end to a close with Rolfie’s roasted chicken and all the trimmings.

Must get on with the Christmas cards and shopping!

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