Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Waiting Room

Rolf and I both feel anxious today as Tilly’s surgery draws ever closer. The waiting is painful and time is passing unusally slowly. Tilly’s blissful ignorance of the whole issue is helpful, but does add an additional pressure as we struggle not to ‘let the cat out of the bag’. Tilly will discover her fate this evening after swimming when we have to go to the hospital for Tilly to have her blood taken for testing. The lengthening of Tilly’s spinal rods is said to be a relatively simple procedure for Mr Ahmed, but it is never an easy experience for us. Tilly will require a general anaesthetic, and that carries risk, especially with her respiratory issues. It does help, however, that we have every faith in the Surgeon and his Team.

Rolf and I are both keeping very busy – Rolf has done the ironing, redecorated Tilly’s room, replaced the central heating pump and is now outside putting up the Christmas lights in the courtyard! Another ‘unsung hero’!

I can’t seem to settle to do anything much, except that I’ve packed a suitcase for Tilly imagining that we might be away for a couple of days, but seriously hoping that we may be home on the actual day. We do have Eileen from the Children’s Airways Support Team doing a ‘night sit’ tomorrow night so that would be very helpful.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Hannah said...

Having had the same operation a few years ago (although without Tilly's complications), I can assure you that Mr Ahmed is one of the most amazing doctors I have met, and such an all-round gentleman. When my operation was cancelled, he brought his entire team in on a Saturday to avoid another long wait. Makes a change for some experiences of the NHS, I'm sure you'll agree. Will be praying for you all, especially Tilly, this week. xx