Friday, 29 January 2010

Happy Feet?

Scooped Tilly up from school early and made our way to take on the challenge of parking at Orthotics and arriving on time for the appointment. Having Nana with us made the job all the easier as I was able to drop them off and 'prowl'.

We were warmly greeted by all of Tilly's friendly Orthotists and Tilly was fitted for her new foot splints. These are plastic, ski-boot style, knee-high, velcro- fastened items of torture that Tilly needs to wear 24 hours a day to slow down the deformities of her feet. They are essential, but the curse of Tilly's life as she adores shoes and is becoming ever more conscious of her image. Tilly had requested a black pair this time so that they would blend in a bit with her school uniform, but to her horror they are actually bright pink with butterflies! Quick as a flash Tilly suggested that she tries to cover them with knee high boots, or even the new ice-boot covers that Candice had given her for her birthday. The Orthotist is keen to hear how we get on as this could be an option for other splint users.

We did have a quick go at covering the splints with the ice-boot covers and it was 'sort of all right' to Tilly, but will need a proper try and some slight adapation to see if it is a goer. The main news is that Tilly left for school wearing splints under her trousers with school shoes over the top of them and she felt very good about herself. Tilly looked in the mirror and said, "I've got shoe shaped feet and they don't hurt at all!"

I've had a call from school saying that the splints had become intolerable at about 1100 and have been removed. Oh dear! I just hope that it is just because they are new!

It really is injury to insult to have splints cause pain.

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