Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Let it Snow!

Throughout the wintry weather I have enjoyed lovely long snowy walks and sledging with Candice content and happy in the knowledge that Tilly didn’t really fancy going outside. However, I have felt uneasy with Tilly ‘missing out’ on the winter wonderland as she is always keen to be involved in whatever is going on. Again I tried to persuade myself that it was all to the good as Tilly is still getting over her chest infection. However, uneasiness reigned and I felt sadness for Tilly that I could not really explain.

These feelings were soon to be resolved, however, as the school was closed because of the weather. For the first time Tilly asked to be taken outside in her “All-Terrain Buggy”, as she was ready to take on the snow! Within the twinkling of an eye Tilly was out of school uniform and dressed in ski-gear from head to toe. The muffled silence and scenery was awe-inspiring and we set off for the neighbouring fields. Using Tilly’s footplate we pushed Candice on her sledge down a farm track filling the quiet air with squeals and yahoos along the way.

We climbed up behind the farm and Tilly asked to go ‘off-road’ and snow-plough through the fields. It was breath-taking. Tilly then asked to sit down in the snow, so we lifted her out and she leant against her buggy with the sledge propping up her left side. Tilly asked to feel the snow in her little hands and have it sprinkled onto her face. Her smile could’ve melted the snow and my joy was boundless.

From this delightful snow tuffet Tilly directed operations which included snowball fights; building a snowman and then making ‘snow angels’. Tilly was then ready to make her own snow angel so Candice and I carried her to an unspoilt canvas of snow and helped her make the most beautiful angel of her own. Bravery now increasing Tilly asked ‘just to sit’ on the sledge, but definitely she did not feel like whooshing down any hills. We got Tilly to sit on the sledge and I knelt behind the sledge supporting Tilly’s back and her head, my knees acting like skis. Squealing not to be moved forward, Candice reminded Tilly that ‘the louder you scream, the faster you go……” and we were off! Tilly and I were whooshing down the track with Candice pushing us with all her might. There is not another feeling like it. We all collapsed in a big heap at the bottom with excitement and terror oozing out of every pore. “Again!” Tilly chorused, and we continued on our Cresta run time and time again, filling the air with even more yahoos and shrieks of delight.

Tilly’s obvious enjoyment was music to our ears. Who would have believed that Tilly would be out sledging? If only I’d taken my camera with me to record such joy, but I know that I will never forget such magical snowy scenes with my two beautiful little girls.

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bonnie said...

wow. isn't it great to just get out and get stuck in in the snow? I miss being young enough that it was ok to spend the day doing that!! We found an old canoe that was no longer waterworthy, and I used that as a toboggan. Especially since with the exception of yesterday, I haven't been out since the first day it snowed, because I can't get any where, I'm so pleased for you. Sounds like you had a great time. Lots of love