Thursday, 28 January 2010

Many Happy Returns

Tilly's tenth birthday was pure joy. A comment that she had made in the morning made me smile all day, "I keep forgetting I'm in a wheelchair!" All credit to Tilly and to the makers of such an amazing machine that it allows her to feel like twenty stone of metallic technology doesn't exist. Thank God there are Charities around like Caudwell Children who believe that children should be given such equipment.

Tilly skipped home after a great day at school all fired up ready to have her special birthday tea and open her presents. We were lucky to have help from Julie and Dawn from the Children's Commnity Team who whisked Tilly through her bath and got her looking gorgeous in her new spankled 'Hannah Montans-esque' outfit in record time.

Tilly chose happy chiken drumsticks and chips and ooohhed and aaahhed at all her presents and cards, delighted with each and every one of them. Thank Goodness - the January sales did us proud! Rolf found a flexible camera clamp to fix to Tilly's chair and is looking into a remote control device - just wondering if such an attachment might be good for a mobile phone?

We'll give it a whirl Shirl...

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