Friday, 18 June 2010

Tilly at the Tiller Again

It was wonderful to come home with the girls after a hard day at the shops to find that Daddie had ‘put the flags out’ and had decorated the house and dining table ready for the England match. Rolf is so good at rising to the occasion and making sure that we make the most out of each occasion. The ‘piece de resistance’ was the strawberries and cream served in the style of the St George Cross. No need to mention our howls of disappointment at the final result!

After a warm welcome back to Church we made out way to Lake to help out at the Special Matters Family Day. The sun was shining as Rudyard Sailability welcomed whole families living with disability for a unique day out. Volunteers were plentiful as they helped grandparents to paddle on the bell boats; took children out sailing; assisted toddlers onto the trip boat; and raced uncles over the Dam Head for a trip on the steam railway. No one was left out. Special Matters had arranged everything, including a wonderful picnic. The fact that torrential rainfall also settled in for the day did not dampen our spirits! We were all soaked to the skin but carried on regardless. One mother of a child with a disability remarked that she’d never, ever heard her son ‘laugh like that’, and another Mum planted a huge kiss on my cheek and said that we’d given her son the best day ever! Such positive comments were just two of many and made it all worthwhile.

Perhaps it was a good omen for Tilly as the sun shone on her Tuesday night’s sailing session. It was important to get Tilly back at the tiller following her surgery to maintain her confidence, as it does take a lot of courage for a child such as Tilly to take to the water. Volunteers dedicated their time to setting the boat to electronic finger-tip control; manning the hoist and securing Tilly safely in her seat. Tilly took Laura, her new PA, out with her, to show her the ropes. It was a wonderful sight. The boat wasn’t quite big enough for Tilly’s smile!

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