Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Brownie Points!

Apart from rather an unsettled night Tilly didn't seem to suffer any side-effects from her flu jab. She says she can now look forward to Christmas now that the flu jab is out of the way!

Popped into Caudwell Children Offices on the way to Tilly's hospital appointment and felt the surge of love and care envelop us which lifted our spirits no end. We picked up the Destination Dreams 2008 book that they have created that we would like to use as inspiration for the design of Tilly's book "Tilly Smiles". Tilly and I relived magical moments from our trip to Give Kids the World village, Florida last December, and feel so excited for the families that are getting ready to go this year. It really was a 'trip of a lifetime' that dreams are certainly made of.

We spent the hour and a half in the waiting room finishing "Clean Break", practising spellings and exploring the world in Tilly's atlas. Tilly is like a sponge and draws in so much information.

The consultation resulted in an appointment for an MRI scan. The doctor told Tilly that she may need a cannula to insert some dye into her system. Little did he know that he'd filled her with dread! Tilly's next surgical procedure is looming next week, so she already has enough to be anxious about!

Tilly was happy to be finished in time to join afternoon school and was scooped up by her Teaching Assistant looking like she didn't have a care in the world!

I picked Tilly up again, with swimming kit, and had a wonderful session at Horton Lodge. It was great to be back again with our friends, and to see Tilly swirling and swishing so effortlessly in the pool. Tilly loves to stand up and try walking in the water which is also fabulous to see.

At home it was lovely to see Candice who had been picked up by our helper, Ellen. Candice was radiant and jubilant in her cross-country endeavours. She has progressed so well that she has been invited to run for the school in a county competition. I'm so chuffed for her as she really does give it one hundred per cent.

We had a very special visit from one of the organisers of the forthcoming Brownie Camp. We we so thrilled that the Guilding Association had actually been to the proposed park and inspected all the facilities to ensure that Tilly's visit would be as easy as possible. Brown Owl came too, and we all sat around a super power-point presentation which made us all very excited. Fingers crossed that Tilly will stay well, and well done to the Guiding Association for taking such care!

Meanwhile Rolf served an evening meal to two delightful ladies who were so thrilled with the meal they described it as comlete "spoilation"!

Once the girls were safely tucked up in bed Rolf served up a fabulous nasi goreng, complete with fried egg! I must say that I feel very 'spoiled' to have such a lovely life.

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