Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Cruel Twist of Vertigo

A better night for Tilly, although there is a hint of a chesty cough developing so will crack open the anti-biotics. Tuesday morning had an optimistic feel to it and Tilly was looking forward to the day. We heard the piece on BBC Radio Stoke announcing the start of the year's project and were thrilled to hear Tilly's voice sounding so well and confident. Rolf took care of the guests and Nick arrived to check out the electrics following the recent power failure. We're just not in the position to risk another break in supply. Candice tripped off to school, all excited about the dress rehearsal and cross country. I am so pleased she has such full and happy schedule.

Then the mood of the day changed. As if to add insult to injury, Tilly was delivered a punishing vertigo attack. Unless you've actually experienced one, or been close to a victim, it is hard to describe how perfectly putrid they are. Completely debilitating and rendering Tilly once again, pale, silent and motionless apart from the occasional panic-stricken squeal as she feels like she is being turned upside down on a runaway roller coaster.

Mercifully, Treetops Tracy and Gill arrived armed with 'talking books', comfort, love, advice and support. They both think, that in spite of the obvious vertigo symptoms, Tilly looks a lots better. Their words bring a soothing calm and strength and the reassurance that we are still moving in the right direction - albeit very slowly. It's very easy to let your mind carry you away to scary places when there seems little improvement. I think this is so for all parents - fearing the worst, terrified you might have missed something.

As Tilly settled, Rolf, Tracy and Gill encouraged me to keep an appointment to give a "Talk" to the Inner Wheel - Rotary's sister organisation made up of members' wives and supporters. This year's President is the wife of one of Rudyard Sailability's supreme supporters - Mike Dawson. Dennis, Chair, Rudyard Sailability, had offered to cover this presentation for me, but with Treetop's support and Rolf's blessing realised that I could share it with him. The Rotary and Mike Dawson are very important to us, supporting so many of the organisations that we need. I was pleased to go along and Tilly was happy to let Mummy go and to stay with Daddy, Tracy and Gill.

It really did feel good to smarten up and leave the house to join the 'outside world'. The Ladies at The Inner Wheel meeting were friendly and welcoming. I explained the situation and that I would 'talk and fly' to get back to Tilly. They all understood and I could feel their care and concern. I really enjoy sharing my experiences of our world of special needs with people who are obviously so interested and so committed to making a difference. Following my "Talk", I sensed a wave of energy rise up out of the group which carried me all the way home to Tilly. Tilly had remained stable with Tracy and Gill, and I am so grateful to them as I certainly could not have managed my little "sortie" without them.

A long and quiet afternoon just waiting for the vertigo to release its grip upon Tilly.

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