Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fast Forward

Pure joy to get Tilly back to school yesterday afternoon. Tilly's slotted back into the classroom just like she'd never been away. I sat in the library with Tilly's cough machine standing by in case it was required. Tilly was shattered after school, and so missed her usual visit to Brownies, but instead had a lovely relaxing evening with her carer, Pauline, reading, eating Daddy's delicious pasta and watching the box. Candice was with her friend for tea and would go straight with her to Guides.

I went charging down to the Junior High for a Governors' meeting, where the buzz was that we all need to be ready for an expected OFSTED inspection. I then bid a hasty retreat and made my way to the Parish Church Council meeting, where we had an exercise to carry out to get inside the minds of the people that might come inside our Church. I then had to dash away to be back to settle Tilly with her overnight ventilation and say goodnight to the girls.

Wonderful Rolf had a meal ready with a glass of wine. We sat down and I took my finger off the 'fast forward' button and enjoyed our meal together. Things seem to be getting back to normal!

Debs came for coffee today. Debbie has a son, aged 10, with spinal muscular atrophy and she is one of the most treasured friends that I have. I can talk to Debbie knowing that she understands exactly what I mean, and experiences the full range of joy to sadness that I feel, although her journey is quite different.

Tilly had another super afternoon at school without the need for any respiratory rescue. She quite frightened me this morning with an unexpected choke on secretions that took some managing. So glad she was at home with all her equipment.

We've got Ellen with us this evening so we'll wash Tilly's hair and get her settled and ready for the evening before I disappear off to another Governors' meeting - this time at the First School. Rolf has gone to collect Candice from hockey and will go straight with her to dancing lessons, so Ellen and Tilly will be left holding the fort.

I am about to press the 'fast forward' button again, and can hear strains of the old Benny Hill theme tune ringing in my ears! It's great to be getting back to normal!

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