Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Vote of Thanks

Heartfelt thanks to all who kindly took time, effort and care to vote for Tilly in Britain's Kindest Kid competition, but, on this occasion, the prize has gone to another worthy winner. However, the wave of love and support that electronically surged into our lives as a result of this project was just the tonic we needed to sustain us on Tilly's road to recovery. I am deeply moved by how much people deeply care for my little girl.

A vote of thanks to our fabulous GP who reviewed Tilly yesterday afternoon. I felt insecure about the way forward and needed her professiononal advice and reassurance about Tilly's return to school. Tilly gave a vote of thanks that she had a temperature and was not considered fit enough for the flu jab! More anti-biotics were prescribed and a planned 'phased-return' to school. Tilly can't wait to get back and starting doing hockey again! I was just delighted to see Tilly outside again, it seems like ages.

A vote of thanks to Ellen who arrived and helped Tilly with some homework and gave her a lovely long bath and read to her. I got on with some work for the schools' governing bodies - there are some meetings coming up that I hope that I can attend.

We all enjoyed tea 'like a proper family for once' as there was no swimming or sailing, and then a huge vote of thanks to Sue, from the CAST team, who arrived at 10 pm to look after Tilly overnight. It was so fabulous to sleep in a bed and to know that Tilly was in safe and loving hands.

Tilly had a calm and settled night, and looks set for a visit back to school today. It is clear that we certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

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