Friday, 16 October 2009


It was great to be back at the First School for the Governors' meeting last night. I hitched a lift with a special friend (couldn't have gone otherwise) and we were warmly welcomed by the Head, and treated to the most delicious cookies ever! A definite bonus! I seriously consider it a privilege to be part of this amazing little school and will forever be in awe of how they rose to the challenge, against the odds, of including Tilly into their setting. They have been exemplary in their approach and ensured that all of Candice's needs were met and gave Tilly the most fabulous start to her educational journey.

The meeting went on until nearly eight o'clock, so I rolled out of a moving car to allow Ellen to get on home, and me to get Tilly ready for bed. Finger off the 'fast forward' at nine o'clock when Rolf and I sat down to enjoy our house speciality "pizza on the couch!"

I'm going to have to stop reading to Tilly as I keep bursting into tears! Friday morning saw me break down during Jacqueline Wilson's Break-up! (Grumpy Gran had sold her best china to treat them to a holiday in Spain)! I used to read a poem a day to the girls from "Read Me One," and this time of year, coming up to Remembrance Sunday was particularly challenging. I can't ever remember seeing my parent weep when I was a child, so I hope that I'm not doing the girls any harm?

Another uneventful afternoon for Tilly at school, followed by Chess Club. No secretion management needed at all today. I spent the afternoon in the Library, blessed with the company of the most delightful Librarian, and got on with heaps of work for Rudyard Sailability. Whizzed back home. Rolf had a delicious fish meal with 'African potatoes' waiting for us and the ironing done! (Must check for wings - he's obviously one of those earthly Angels)! Ellen arrived and made sure that Candice looked fantastic for her disco whilst Tilly finished her meal. Candice and I sped off to the school disco leaving Daddy and Ellen in charge of settling Tilly into bed.

The school disco was hot and loud, and there was some challenging behaviour that pushed the duty staff to their limits. No doubt their time was given voluntarily which must be applauded and valued. I was well within my comfort zone selling chocolate, crisps and water to the revellers and was amazed at the politeness of the customers and how much the stall made. Amongst this energetic fundraising team, I once again felt privileged that I was able to play an active part of an amazing school that has done so much to ensure the happiness of Candice and the successful inclusion of Tilly. This great feeling is only possible because I have the backup support of Rolf, professional carers, and special friends. There would be no chance of me engaging in any activities outside of regular school hours without this vital support. I consider this to be a great privilege.

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