Monday, 5 October 2009

Parker Power

Although I'm not overly superstitious there seems to be a theme around 'luck' emerging. The most amazing phone call from Snowie Owl on Sunday evening made me feel very lucky indeed. In fact, I now understand how Scrooge felt when he realised that he hadn't missed Christmas Day after all, because Snowie Owl rang to tell me that Brownie Camp isn't actually until late November, and Tilly hadn't missed it at all! I am actually quite notorious for getting my dates mixed up, and what with all the stresses of recent weeks, I spotted the original date for the Camp in the diary and completely forget that another later date had subsequently been fixed! I then began to convulse with laughter at the thought of Tilly and me, all packed up and ready to go, complete with parrot on shoulder, bandana and eye patch in readiness for the Camp's Pirates theme, waiting at Leek Bus Station and wondering what had become of our "Shipmates"! Oooooh! Ahhhh! Jim Lad! I don't think Rolf will ever let me forget this one!

This news did much to raise the spirits of the Griffiths's household and Tilly did manage to watch a bit of "X" Factor though half-closed eyes. Luck? I smiled to myself at the end of the day as Mary, from Church, had told me that she would pray that Tilly would not miss Brownie Camp. Mary's prayers were answered with us marvelling at the Lord working in mysterious ways.

The night was rather unsettled again and Tilly's Monday morning was rather troubling as her heart rate was raised. However, there was a glimmer of "Tilly" around lunchtime, but generally she remains lifeless.

Another blessed and welcome visit from Treetops Tracy did much to brighten the afternoon, especially as Gill, The Community Family Support Worker from The Donna Louise Trust, came too. They are both so precious and can work such magic. Between us we gave Tilly a soothing hot bath, and foot massage. I don't suppose many people realise that the Hospice has this outreach work when there are problems in the home. Real lifesavers providing comfort, advice and practical help. They are set to return tomorrow morning, and hope that Tilly will be up to
a manicure and pedicure.

Candice and Daddy returned home with news that Lady Luck smiled on Candice, and she has been selected from the draw to go on the school's French Trip next May. "Bonne chance" for Candice, but sadness for those children not chosen.

We saw Chanel 5 News' item on Tilly for Britain's Kindest Kid. It was a lovely piece and so wonderful to see Tilly looking like "Tilly". I am longing to have her back again.

An unexpected ring at the door heralded the arrival of the most magnificent boquet of flowers and the most delicious looking box of chocolates. Nothing could have prepared Rolf and I for the discovery of the sender - who on earth would do this for us? It transpired that they were from our very special friends, Ian, Mary, Holly and Emilly Parker. Ian is a member of the Mouth and Foot Federation of Artists, and we are privileged to display one of his magnificent works in our diing room. We count Ian and his wonderful family as our dearest friends. The note says that they are thinking of us and keeping us in their prayers. Within moments, Tilly woke up and admired the bautiful flowers and wondered what was for tea - a real turning point. Tilly rallied for the first time in five days, held a conversation, and actually ate something Who needs luck when we have the power of prayer on our side? The Parker family have held us and nutured us with their prayers and carried us forward We are privileged and blessed to have such wonderful friends to look after us when we are too busy being afraid.

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