Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Diwali

A beautiful bright sunny day in Cheddleton and the luxury of knowing that we didn't have to be anywhere at any particular time. All previous engagements had been cancelled so that Tilly could catch her breath. Rolf took care of the guests and the rooms. Tilly watched the box and Candice and I worked on some homework together, discovering a critical fault in her French understanding that would have caused chaos if it hadn't been checked. Tres Bien!

Surprise visit from Annie - a special friend beyond compare who has been with us right from the start. Annie came bearing a bag filled with her unwanted clothing that sent the girls and me into a state of unparallelled delight. We were all treated to something heavenly out of Annie's bag, and so enjoyed having her company for the afternoon.

Tilly disappeared into the kitchen at 1815 to commence her duty as sous-chef! Donned in white cooking hat and striped pinny, Tilly worked hard with the Master Chef (Daddy) . They were preparing a meal in honour of the Hindu festival Diwali. The house was soon filled with delicious Indian aromas, twinkling candle-light, with the BBC Asian Network providing music, insight and atmosphere. It was good to see Tilly swapping her virtual world of cooking on her Nintendo with the real world of chopping, and stirring with Daddy. Tilly has already planned next Saturday's dish! Brilliant!

The meal was a triumph! A chicken tikka marsala 'like a proper family for once' with the added Brucie bonus of "Strictly". It certainly was a very happy Diwali for the Griffiths' Clan

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SarahLP said...

Dear Jackie, Rolf, Candice & Tilly,

SO happy to read that things are settling down into a more normal routine after Tilly's illness. Your whirlwind lifestyle makes me exhausted just reading about it!!

Thinking of you and sending our love,

Sarah, Gareth, Charlie and Harry xxxx