Monday, 12 October 2009

The Prime Minister's New Clothes

Tilly continues to regain her sparkle. Great excitement as Tilly gets ready for Katie, who is coming to film Tilly for Central News. Tilly chose to wear the new "Primarni" outfit that she had chosen especially to visit Gordon Brown, but had been too ill to make the trip. It was great to see Tilly so interested again in her appearance. She looked lovely and spoke so beautifully to Katie. I was so impressed with the skilled, multi-tasking of Katie who, single-handed, managed the filming, sound, production and interviews. Katie exuded such enthusiasm and genuine interest in Tilly's story she quite lit up the room.

The sun streamed in through the windows as Rolf, Tilly and I spent the day ironing, doing homework and working on the laptop, in that particular order! I can't believe how much time I have had to devote to my 'laptop life 'with Tilly being so unwell. I've had a great day communicating electronically with folk I haven't managed to talk to for ages, which has been a bonus. I still haven't mastered the mysteries of 'Facebook' or 'Twitter', but I can remember wondering what 'e-mail' was all about, so I guess I will catch up one day.

Tilly had a sling assessment later this afternoon which proved how very difficult it is to provide a sling that will transfer one person from one place to another using an overhead ceiling track. Tilly's spinal surgery, head-control, vertigo, comfort, etc all have to be taken into account. We spent a lot of time with Tilly's Occupational Therapist and the Sling specialist and didn't manage to quite crack it, although we have a plan! The Sling specialist will go away and create a one-off, Tilly-sized, sling which should do the trick.

No clubs after school today, so Candice was home early. It was lovely to see her - but I fear she is looking a little wan and tired. Just praying she is not coming down with anything.

Daddy worked tirelessly in the kitchen on a 'labour-intensive' shepherds' pie - one meat/one veggie. Hard to describe how scrumptious they were! Tilly had her arm support on and ate it all by herself, which was great.

We saw the Chanel 5 News' coverage on the television about the trip to No. 10 that did not include Tilly, and we distinctly heard Mr Brown say that Tilly would be made most welcome when she was better. Tilly is thrilled and is already planning her trip to 'Primarni' to buy another set of 'Prime Minister's new clothes'. It's all part of the adventure!

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