Thursday, 8 October 2009

Pizza on the Couch

Tilly did a respiratory 'workout' at one o'clock in the morning and then we sat there like 'Talking Heads' discussing life and the universe and everything until we were sure that Tilly's anti-biotic had settled.

Snuggled Tilly into bed at 0130 and she slept like a dream until 0800 this morning. The best night sleep in days. I did one of my 'Hollywood Screams' during the night, which is I guess is like a night terror, when I wake up in a state of abject fear, my heart trying to escape and me just not quite knowing what it is I have done wrong, but believing that whatever it is it must be serious and life-threatening, and definitely all my fault. There is enormous relief when my conscious mind reassures me that it is just one of those horrible night-time experiences that happen every now and then.

On Thursday Tilly participated fully in all her secretion management programmes, as and when required, and then spent time listening to books, and then watching the box with Daddy. I am only just daring to hope that she might have turned a corner.

Ellen arrived at 4pm and Tilly had a bath and washed her hair. Candice arrived home after hockey and after ballet and tap and announced that Tilly looked a lot better.

Girls all settled by 2115. Rolf and I had "pizza on the couch." As Rolf and I always have this meal after all the busy events of Thursday evening, this meal could be a sign things are improving. The unbeareable longness of waiting for Tilly to get better might just be over - time will tell.

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