Monday, 19 October 2009

An Inspector Calls

Sunday morning saw us see-sawing on the ramp into Fleur's house for piano lessons. Tilly's left hand took some time to regain it's dexterity following her recent illness, but by the end was back up to strength. We skidded late into Church, just in time for Candice to do her reading, which she did beautifully, in spite of the ancient Greek names included.

We raced to the Lake in time for Rudyard Sailability's annual inspection from the Royal Yachting Association. It felt great to be back at the Lake. Candice took out a new Member and Tilly sailed solo. The Inspector boarded the safety boat and observed Tilly sailing under Gary's expert instruction. They were brilliant. I never cease to be utterly amazed at Tilly's courage and skill in sailing. Tilly really does have an Olympic dream that could come true - and why not?

Sunday evening was glorious - hot baths, roast beef (like a proper family for once) and 'X' Factor.

The traumatic screams heard over Leek this morning at 0815 was Tilly having her flu jab! Our wonderful GP had arranged to do it before school this morning. With Tilly back to school I was back to "U" bends at the B&B which amazingly felt good - back to normal. As 'chambermaid' I can put my mind into 'auto' and clean the bedrooms, listen to the radio and generally mull life over. Mission accomplished, I attended my exclusive Lunch Club 4 2, where we dined on Indian delicacies left over from our Diwali celebration.

Rolf went out to collect the shopping and the girls and I had a go at cleaning our house, which was great, but like most people, I had a hundred other things I'd rather be doing! Rolf created spaghetti meatballs for tea and then had to whizz Candice down to Leek for a tap rehearsal. Had a super surpise visit from Brown Owl who called in to deliver some paperwork, just in case Tilly wasn't ready for Brownies this week. We hope Tilly will be and just need to do a bit of juggling to make sure that Candice and her friend also get to Guides and I can make the Governors meeting at the First School. It usually comes together in the end!

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